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It was a guiding beacon by my bedside…

I was compelled by both the depth and accessibility of Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer. I felt empowered throughout the whole process of diagnosis and treatment because of reading this book. It prepared me with questions and answers and helped me manage my expectations and personal decisions when most vulnerable. It was a guiding beacon by my bedside, quelling late-night fears, doubt, and uncertainties.– Sonia Salkeld, Patient, Brentwood Bay, BC

Sonia Salkeld 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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A solid base…

Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer has been widely distributed to patients in PEI since the early editions. It fills an important role in summarizing a lot of information that can easily overwhelm patients. Complements discussions between patients and health care providers, and provides a solid base for those who choose to do their own research on the internet. – Dr Philip Champion, Medical Director, PEI Cancer Treatment Centre, Charlottetown, PEI

Dr. Philip Champion 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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It’s the reassurance patients need…

Finally a breast cancer book I can feel comfortable recommending to my patients! Incredibly well written and very easy to read…it’s the reassurance patients need when they want to understand their options, the rationale behind them, and what to expect on the journey; I think it is particularly useful after their initial consultations. I love that it is written by Canadian experts familiar with our system. A must read! – Dr May Lynn Quan, Associate Professor of Surgery and Oncology, Medical Director, Calgary Breast Health Program, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Dr May Lynn Quan 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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The best edition yet…

Larry Goldenberg and his associates’ knowledge and explanation of prostate cancer and all its ramifications expand with each new edition of the book. This latest edition of the Intelligent Patient Guide to Prostate Cancer is the best yet. And I’m speaking as a former patient of Dr Goldenberg and a longterm survivor of prostate cancer. I confidently put my life into his hands and have equal confidence in his book– Gareth Sirotnik, Patient, Vancouver, BC

Gareth Sirotnik 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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Facilitates a more effective partnership…

I wish I had read Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer! This book will facilitate a more effective partnership between patients and their medical team. The authors have anticipated the concerns and questions of breast cancer patients and tackle the most delicate of issues. – Jane Rogerson, Patient, Calgary, AB

Jane Rogerson 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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A joy to read!

Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer was a joy to read! Wonderfully practical and down-to-earth, but detailed, comprehensive, and accurate. It is especially good at outlining the range of emotions that individuals face at each stage of their course and gives much helpful advice for coping with them. Everyone facing this disease and their advocates will find much wisdom within its pages. – Dr Abram Recht, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Dr Abram Recht 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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Well organized and written…

As a survivor and patient of Dr Larry Goldenberg, I found his book to be of immense help and assurance. The updated 4th edition of The Intelligent Patient Guide to Prostate Cancer, is well organized and written, in a very readable style, and explains the most recent diagnostic and treatment advances in prostate cancer. Given the rate of prostate cancer, this book is a must for all men facing prostate cancer and for those who support them in their journey. – Honourable Wally Oppal, QC, Former Attorney General of British Columbia, Former Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism in British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Honourable Wally Oppal 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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Clear and concise…

Clear and concise descriptions convey the authors’ empathetic but honest style in communication. As a health sciences librarian who worked with cancer patients extensively, I would highly recommend Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer to any hospital library providing information services to cancer patients, as well as to patients and families wishing to gain knowledge about breast cancer. – Yongtao Lin, Library Manager, National Resources Canada, Calgary, AB

Yongtao Lin 5 of 5 May 5, 2018

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