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Intelligent Patient Guide Ltd. is the publisher of best-selling self-help books on cancer topics for patients and their families. Intelligent Patient Guides are the definitive authority on all aspects of breast cancer and prostate cancer. They equip patients with the knowledge needed to take an active part in their treatment.

Since 1991 we have been producing books on cancer topics for patients who are in need of clarity and support. At that time, there was very little suitable information available for the lay person. To address this gap, Intelligent Patient Guide began publishing books that were comprehensive in nature, yet written specifically with the patient in mind. Over the years, patients and their families have acquired tens of thousands of our books through channels that include consumer retail bookstores, physicians’ offices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, publicly and privately funded health information projects, online booksellers, and general and medical libraries.

Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer has been the best-selling Canadian national book on breast cancer for over 20 years and is the leading resource for Breast Cancer Information and Support Groups across Canada. The Intelligent Patient Guide to Prostate Cancer is officially endorsed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of British Columbia and was recently chosen by Library Journal in the United States as an outstanding selection for library acquisition for Prostate Health and Wellness. Library Journal is considered the most trusted and respected publication for acquisition recommendations by American public, academic and institutional libraries.

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These books would not have been possible without the help and collaboration of many people. We are grateful to our colleagues who have devoted their careers to cancer research and patient care, and who kindly agree to review our manuscripts at various stages of their development. We also thank those many physicians who use this book as a teaching aid for their patients and family members and who provide us ongoing feedback and encouragement. Finally, we would like to thank our patients who have taught us so much and for whom we have written these books and our readers who continue to offer their feedback.

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