Intelligence for the fight against cancer

INTELLIGENT PATIENT GUIDE Ltd. is the publisher of best-selling self-help books for cancer patients and their families, equipping patients with the knowledge they need to take an active part in their treatment.

Our Books

National Best-Sellers by Leading Specialists

INTELLIGENT PATIENT GUIDE – Best Selling Self-Help Books on Cancer Topics for Patients and Their Families

Intelligent Patient Guides on cancer topics for patients and their families provide much needed clarity and support. The books are comprehensive, yet written specifically with the patient in mind. Since 1991 we have helped tens of thousands of individuals get a better understanding of their condition so they can more effectively take an active part in their treatment.

We currently publish books on the following cancer topics:

Giving You the Information You Need

Intelligent Patient Guides have won the approval of patients and their physicians. Written in straightforward everyday language, they will give you the information you need to feel more in control, and more confident when making important decisions about your treatment. Our readers keep them at their side and on their night tables as they navigate their cancer journey.

With an Intelligent Patient Guide you are up-to-date!

The current editions of our books reflect the significant advances in cancer diagnosis and management that have occurred in the past few years and months and contain the most accurate, reliable, and widely-accepted information available at the time of publication.

Mainstream Medicine but with an Overview of Complementary and Alternative Treatments

Our authors are carefully-selected, superb clinicians from academic teaching hospitals who are writing about the work that they live and breathe every day. They want to teach you the most accepted mainstream concepts and treatments so that when you ask questions and make decisions with your health care team, you will be taken seriously. At the same time, they will present you with a review of treatments that complement or are alternatives to mainstream medicine so that you can confidently choose whether or not you wish to include these options as part of your care.

Why is a book better than researching the Internet?

While the development of the Internet has increased tremendously the amount of information available, it is virtually impossible for even the most sophisticated patient to know what is credible information and what is not. There is nothing worse than finding out that the information you thought was reliable when you did your research is not accepted by your physician. With Intelligent Patient Guides that will not happen! Our authors know what you need to know (and what you don’t need to know),and put it all together in a carefully considered and complete package. You will be getting real, state-of-the-art, mainstream information that your health care team accepts and respects, and in language that you can understand.

A Testament to Value

The frequent sight of a well-worn copy of one of the Intelligent Patient Guides carried under the arm of a patient in the lobby or treatment rooms of cancer agencies across North America testifies to the value of these publications and to the comfort that they bring in the form of a greater sense of control. Patients who read Intelligent Patient Guides know where the decision points are in the management of their disease. They know which issues are controversial and which are widely-accepted. They know what questions to ask and when to ask them. They get better answers and they are in a stronger position to understand those answers. Their knowledge provides them with the comfort and enhanced sense of control that comes from being part of the treatment solution.

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